Leona Art Shop

Leona art shop
Leona art shop

Gana’s art store, located on the entrance of Gana restaurant and villa. Is a perfect place to get distinctively Balinese art items such as paintings and sculpted wooden figures, curios, handicrafts and traditional handmade products.

We personally collected product from all over Ubud, from first hand crafter and painter. Items that displayed range from framed paintings, figurines, traditional woven textiles, traditional kites, handmade bags, women’s accessories, shirts, sarongs, to Balinese ceremonial items and daily local household items – all at reasonable ‘bargain’ prices.

Check out our Balinese clothes, sarongs and fabrics of different sizes, colours and patterns. We always try to kep it up to date, so produced motifs are never the same from time to time.

Aromatic and aromatherapy items such as sandalwood oil-infused fans, incense sticks and colourful jelly candles can also be found at Leona art shop. Bedcovers in abstract and splashes of colours as well as in creative forms of artistry, depicting birds and wildlife to portraits of famous figures.

Enjoy your visit, our friendly Leona’s team will always on hand to help with any query.